ELTASK.COM NEURON "Neuron" is alarm system of the highest price class (GSM/GPS; 500-1000$), which you can get almost for nothing. Our program is elementary (like neuron of brain) implementation of artificial intelligence (the program can "hear", "see", "feel" and make decisions). Our program is a universal (all purpose) alarm system, which is better then typical hardware alarm systems. Only one loop of the splitter is connected to the socket of the headset instead of a web of dozens of wires in the hardware alarm systems. Install and configure this alarm can even a child.

The main goals of our program.

1) Make thieves refuse to break into and steal. The program can simulate the presence of dogs. The program can sound sirens and shots (through active speakers), scare off thieves and attract the attention of police and witnesses.
2) Involve forces that can protect the object of protection (home, apartment, car, etc). The program sends alarm signals to any number of phone numbers. You can listen to the object of protection and call the police or react to threats yourself.
3) Return the stolen goods. Our program sends the exact geographic coordinates in response to the SMS request.

Demonstration video of the basics of work with our "Neuron" alarm system (https://www.youtube.com/...).

Connection scheme and approximate prices for items.

NEURON ALARM SYSTEM ELTASK.COM We demonstrate (in the video) a very simple demonstration stand.
1) Smartphone.
2) Splitters.
3) Active speakers;
4) One microphone (you can connect several microphones);
5) One button (you can connect any number of buttons that will guard your doors and windows).

. Key benefits of this our program.

1) Our program can be a primary or auxiliary alarm.
2) Our program transmits an alarm signal to any distance and to any number of phones.
3) It is very easy to install and configure our alarm program. You can use only one smartphone to protect or strengthen the alarm with external microphones, buttons and active speakers.
4) Our program can send you an SMS with the coordinates of the android-device. For example, a stolen car is very easy to find.
5) You can control our alarm-program using calls and SMS from another phone.
6) You can easily set any sound as an alarm.
7) You can use your android-device (smartphone,tablet) and active speakers when you do not use this alarm system...

Basics of using the program.

1) The first page of the program is the title page. At the first start of the program, the program is activated here.
2) The next page is the main working page of the program. There is big green button in the center of this page. Only this button is responsible for turning the alarm system on and off. Closing the program does not turn off the alarm system.
3) Around the green button there are red buttons of the alarm sensors. These buttons begin to flash after the sensor is activated. Clicking on any of these red buttons leads to the transition to the sensor setup page.
4) On each setup page, you can turn on/off the sensor and turn on/off the response to the sensor trigger (play sound, phone call, send SMS). Also here you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. For useful work of alarm system, at least one sensor must be turned on.
5) To enable the remote control mode, you need to specify one or more telephone numbers of administrators of alarm system in the program settings (accessible from the menu). After that you can turn on / off and interrogate the alarm system by phone calls and via SMS.

Guarantee of good faith and confidentiality.

We guarantee to you the honesty of our program and the honesty our intentions.
Our program does not record audio and video data, but only analyzes them. All permissions requested by this program are required solely for the implementation of the alarm system functions and for protecting the program from hacking. The program is protected from hacking. We defend our program and our users from hacking. The mode of listening to the object of protection is possible only from the phones specified in the program settings. The mode of listening of the object of protection you can use only for bona fide purposes and in compliance with the law. We give to users a bona fide tool and users should use this tool in good faith.

Technical requirements for the android-device:
1) the minimal version of Android: 2.3 (GINGERBREAD; min SDK version: 9);
2) the availability of CAMERA, ACCELEROMETER, GPS receiver (the absence of one or more of these sensors only reduces the capabilities of the program, but it is not an obstacle to working with other features of the program).

A detailed description of the program of the alarm system was published in in the reference file via this link .

Screenshots of the program.








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