Description of the program.

This our program requires an Internet connection and works as web-interface (as browser). The program has symbol-based interface and works with knowledge bases in English.

Now this our service works with 26 knowledge bases. Each technology is allocated in one or more knowledge bases.

This android-program is a specialized browser (thin web-client). The program has very simple and intuitive menu. There are menu button, buttons to increase and decrease the font size, "BACK" and "FORWARD" navigation buttons in a separeate panel at the bottom part of the screen.

You can search information using search console. You can search information using the content with alphabetical indexes.

You can use 5 search algorithms to find information effective.

Once typing a search phrase, you can search for information in a variety of thematic knowledge bases.

All the found search phrases are highlighted in yellow color, you can quickly analyze the information.

The "+" and "-" buttons help you to change the font size (and the "scale" of the page) quickly and easily. You can analyze the information quickly.

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