Information technology. Expert system. This our new small (170KB) android-program provides access to the functionality of our IT.ELTASK.COM service. Knowledge Bases of this service contains more then 1GB of information about the most popular and most important IT-technologies. The main purpose of this service is quick search of information in the field of information technology. 5 search algorithms of our service will help you with this. We plan to develop this service and constantly will add new sections, new search algorithms and new articles. This program has only english interface now because English is main language of modern IT-technologies .

Technical requirements for the android-device:
1) the minimal version of Android: 2.3 (GINGERBREAD; min SDK version: 9).

All information of this service is derived from the free sources. All information of this service is provided solely in the form of quotations. This service provides information and interfaces solely for the familiarization (not ownership) and under the "as is" conditions. This android-program does not include the data. This android-program provides only simple comfortable safe web interface to get data from our IT.ELTASK.COM site. This site is optimized for mobile devices.

Now we support 26 knowledge bases: Android Reference; Java basics; Java Enterprise Edition (EE); Java Standard Edition (SE); SQL; HTML; PHP; CSS; Java Script; MYSQL; JQUERY; VBS; REGEX; C; C++; C#; Design patterns; RFC (standard status); RFC (proposed standard status); RFC (draft standard status); RFC (informational status); RFC (experimental status); RFC (best current practice status); RFC (historic status); RFC (unknown status); IT dictionary.

We (ELTASK.COM team) use IT.ELTASK.COM service every day. Every day we add new articles in the DB of the service. You don't need update program. This program is thin web client. So you will work with the latest relevant data always.

Short description of the program.

The program requires an Internet connection.

Now this our service works with 26 knowledge bases. Each technology is allocated in one or more knowledge bases (to specify direction of the search and to diminish time of execution of requests).

This android-program is a specialized web-browser (thin web-client). There are next basic elements of user interface: "Menu" button; "+" and "-" buttons to increase and decrease the font size of text in the main window of program; "<" (back) and ">" (forward) navigation buttons.

You can search information using search console at the top part. You can search information using the content with alphabetical indexes.

You can use 5 search algorithms to find information.

Once typing a search phrase, you can search for information in the different knowledge bases of this service.

All the found search phrases are highlighted in yellow color - you can analyze the information quickly and simply.

The "+" and "-" buttons help you to change the font size ("scale" of the web-pages) quickly and easily. You can analyze the information quickly or read information cose.

Last version of this program: 3.

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