<!DOCTYPE>Type of Document+++++
<address>Contact details+++++
<area>The area inside the image+++++
<audio>Audio content+++++
<b>Bold text+++++
<base>Redefined address+++++
<basefont>The default appearance of the document+----
<bdi>Reversible insulation text-+-+-
<bdo>Changing the text direction+++++
<big>Bold text+++++
<body>The body of the document+++++
<br>Line break+++++
<canvas>Rendering capabilities+++++
<caption>Title table+++++
<center>Align the center of the+++++
<cite>Name of work+++++
<code>Computer code+++++
<col>Features column+++++
<colgroup>Group columns+++++
<datalist>The list of predefined options-+++-
<dd>Description of the item in the list+++++
<details>Detailed information---+-
<dfn>Defining the concept+++++
<dir>List of Directories+++++
<dl>Defines list+++++
<dt>The concept of the list+++++
<em>Highlighted text+++++
<embed>Container for external content+++++
<fieldset>Grouping elements+++++
<figcaption>Caption element+++++
<figure>Grouping of visual elements+++++
<footer>Document Footer+++++
<frame>One window in the grouping of windows+++++
<frameset>Grouping window+++++
<h1> až Header+++++
<head>Document Information+++++
<header>Document Header+++++
<hgroup>Grouping headers+++++
<hr>Department of contents+++++
<html>Document Root+++++
<i>Text in italics+++++
<iframe>Framework containing+++++
<input>Input field+++++
<ins>Replaced text+++++
<kbd>Keyboard text+++++
<keygen>Generating a key-++++
<label>Title of entry+++++
<legend>Title to +++++
<li>Item List+++++
<link>Linking to external files+++++
<map>The definition of client image map+++++
<mark>Selected text+++++
<menu>Grouping buttons in menu-----
<meta>Metadata about the document+++++
<meter>Linear element-+++-
<nav>Grouping hyperlinks+++++
<noframes>Alternative to +++++
<noscript>Alternative to +++++
<object>Inserting an animated object+++++
<ol>Ordered list+++++
<optgroup>The grouping of the letter in+++++
<option>Option letter+++++
<output>Result Ratana-++++
<param>Parameters for +++++
<pre>Preformatted text+++++
<progress>The task-+++-
<q>Short quote+++++
<rp>View special character+++++
<rt>Explanation of character+++++
<ruby>Annotation for special character+++++
<samp>The output of the program+++++
<script>Client Script+++++
<section>Article / section in a document+++++
<small>Reduced text+++++
<source>Universal Media File Formats+++++
<span>Grouping and styling content+++++
<strike>Strikethrough text+++++
<strong>Bold text+++++
<style>Information about the individual elements of style+++++
<sub>Scaled down text+++++
<summary>Title to ---+-
<sup>Scaled up text+++++
<tbody>Grouping styled text in a table+++++
<td>Cell in the table+++++
<textarea>Multiline input+++++
<tfoot>Footer specific content+++++
<th>Header table+++++
<thead>Havičkový row in the table+++++
<title>Document Title+++++
<tr>Table row+++++
<track>Text for media elements-----
<tt>Teletype text+++++
<u>Underlined text+++++
<ul>Unordered list+++++
<var>String variable+++++
<video>Video element+++++
<wbr>The ability to add text wrapping-++++


accesskeyuser-definedSet the shortcut key for quick access to a particular element.
alignright, left, centerHorizontal alignment.
backgroundURLInsert a picture in the background.
bgcolornumeric, hex, RGB valuesInserting the background color.
classuser-definedDefining file of classes because CSS style.
contenteditabletrue, falseIt is used if the user can modify the contents of an element.
contextmenuIDDefining menu element.
data-XXXXuser-definedCreator of the page you can define your own attribute. Must begin with "data-".
draggabletrue, false, autoSpecifies whether or not, and the user is allowed to drag an element.
heightnumerical valueDefining the size of the images, tables or cells in the table.
hiddenhiddenDefining visibility element.
iduser-definedThe name of the element due to the CSS styling.
itemlist elementsThey are used to group elements.
itemproplist of itemsIt is used for grouping items.
spellchecktrue, falseSpecifies whether element should have a grammar check text.
styleCSS stringDefines the styling element.
subjectuser-defined IDDefine entries for the element.
tabindexcard number (tab)Defines the layout tabs.
titleuser-definedPop-up title element.
valigntop, middle, bottomVertical alignment.
widthnumerical valueWidth of the image, tables, table cells.


offlinepage is offline
onabortcanceled the action.
onafterprintthe printed document.
onbeforeonloadbefore loading the page
onbeforeprintpages before printing
onblurif you do not have a mouse focused window
oncanplay playable audio but is not read all
oncanplaythroughwhile it may be audio played to the end
onchangewhen changing element
onclickby clicking the mouse
oncontextmenuwhen pressed on the context menu
ondblclickdouble press the mouse
ondragwhen moving element
ondragendafter moving element
ondragenter when the element is moved to the destination
ondragleavewhen it moves out of the destination
ondragoverat the moment the element is moved to the right place
ondragstart at the start of dragging element
ondropwhen released element is stretched so far
ondurationchangewhen it becomes media length
onemptiedwhen a media element is empty
onendedmedium when it comes to end
onerrorwhen an error occurs
onfocuswhen the mouse, point the Window
onformchangeform changes
onforminputuser input in the form
onhaschangedocument has changed
oninputuser input in the document
oninvalidelement is incorrect, damaged
onkeydownkey was pressed
onkeypresskey is pressed or released by
onkeyupdrop the key
onloaddocument is loaded
onloadeddatamedia element has been loaded
onloadedmetadatamedia element and length were loaded
onloadstartbegan to browser to download media element
onmessagereport was launched
onmousedownmouse button was pressed
onmousemovewhen the mouse pointer is moved
onmouseoutthe mouse pointer is moved from the element
onmouseoverthe mouse pointer is moved onto the element
onmouseupmouse button has been released in
onmousewheelbegan to spin with wheel mouse
onofflinedocument is offline
onoinedocument is online
ononlinedocument is online
onpagehidewindow is hidden
onpageshowdisplay the window
onpausemedia element has been suspended
onplaymedia element has been launched
onplayingmedia element began to play
onpopstatehistory window has been changed
onprogressdocument seeks to connect with the media element and move data
onratechangeplayback speed of the media element has been changed
onreadystatechangeplaying status was changed
onredodocument has changed
onresizewindow size changed
onscrollbegan to move the slider element
onseekedplayback indicator or the slider at the end
onseekingbegan to move the slider
onelement was ed
onstalledan error occurred when downloading media files
onstoragedocument was loaded
onsubmitform was sent
onsuspendstopped downloading media files
ontimeupdatemedia element has changed the playing time
onundoreturned document editing
onunloaduser leaves the document
onvolumechangechange the volume when playing media element, or mute the volume
onwaitingmedia file has been suspended but is able to continue playing

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