absCalculate absolute value
AbstractErrorGenerate an abstract error.
AbstractErrorProcCustom abstract error handling procedure
AcquireExceptionObjectObtain a reference to the current exception object
AddExitProcAdd an exit procedure to the exit procedure chain.
AddrReturn address of a variable
AlignReturn aligned version of an address
AllFilesMaskFile mask for all files on the current platform
AllocMemAllocate and clear memory.
AllowDirectorySeparatorsSet of characters considered directory separators
AllowDriveSeparatorsSet of characters considered drive separators
AnsiCharAlias for 1-byte sized char.
AnsiToUtf8Convert ansi string to UTF-8 string
AppendOpen a file in append mode
arctanCalculate inverse tangent
argvPointer to the array of command-line arguments
ArrayStringToPPcharConcert an array of string to an array of null-terminated strings
AssertCheck validity of a given condition.
AssertErrorProcCustom assert error handling procedure
AssignAssign a name to a file
AssignedCheck if a pointer is valid
BackTraceStrFuncStandard backtrace formatting routine
BasicEventCreateObsolete. Don't use
basiceventdestroyObsolete. Don't use
basiceventResetEventObsolete. Don't use
basiceventSetEventObsolete. Don't use
basiceventWaitForObsolete. Don't use
BeginThreadStart a new thread.
BEtoNConvert Big Endian-ordered integer to Native-ordered integer
binStrConvert integer to string with binary representation.
BlockReadRead data from an untyped file into memory
BlockWriteWrite data from memory to an untyped file
BreakExit current loop construct.
BsfByteReturn the position of the rightmost set bit in an 8-bit value
BsfDWordReturn the position of the rightmost set bit in a 32-bit value
BsfQWordReturn the position of the rightmost set bit in a 64-bit value
BsfWordReturn the position of the rightmost set bit in a 16-bit value
BsrByteReturn the position of the leftmost set bit in an 8-bit value
BsrDWordReturn the position of the leftmost set bit in a 32-bit value
BsrQWordReturn the position of the leftmost set bit in a 64-bit value
BsrWordReturn the position of the leftmost set bit in a 16-bit value
ByteAn unsigned 8-bits integer
CardinalAn unsigned 32-bits integer.
CloseClose a file
CloseThreadClose a thread and free up resources used by the thread
CompareByteCompare 2 memory buffers byte per byte
CompareDWordCompare 2 memory buffers DWord per DWord
CompareCharompare 2 memory buffers character per character
CompareChar0Compare two buffers character by character till a null-character is reached.
CompareWordCompare 2 memory buffers word per word
ConcatAppend one string to another.
ContinueContinue with next loop cycle.
CopyCopy part of a string.
cosCalculate cosine of angle
CsegReturn code segment
CtrlZMarksEOFDetermine whether CTRL-Z marks the end of file.
DecDecrease value of variable
DefaultAnsi2UnicodeMoveStandard widestring manager callback
DefaultAnsi2WideMoveStandard implementation of Ansi to Widestring conversion routine
DefaultStackSizeDefault size for a new thread's stack (4MiB by default).
DefaultTextLineBreakStyleDefault line ending style.
DefaultUnicode2AnsiMoveStandard widestring manager callback
DefaultWide2AnsiMoveStandard implementation of Widestring to Ansi conversion routine
DeleteDelete part of a string.
DirectorySeparatorCharacter used to separate directory parts.
DispCallByIDProcCallback to perform dispatch interface procedure call by ID.
DisposeFree dynamically allocated memory
DoneCriticalsectionClean up a critical section.
DoneThreadEnd the current thread
DriveSeparatorCharacter used to separate directory parts.
DsegReturn data segment
Dump_StackDump stack to the given text file.
DumpExceptionBackTraceCreate backtrace
DWordAn unsigned 32-bits integer
DynArraySetLengthSet the length of a dynamic array
E_NOINTERFACEInterface call result: Error: not an interface
E_NOTIMPLInterface call result: Interface not implemented
E_UNEXPECTEDInterface call result: Unexpected error
EndThreadEnd the current thread.
EnterCriticalsectionEnter a critical section
EnumResLangProcCallback for language resource enumeration
EnumResNameProcCallback for resource name enumeration
EnumResourceLanguagesEnumerate available languages for a resource of given type and name
EnumResourceNamesEnumerate available resource names for a specified resource type
EnumResourceTypesEnumerate available resource types
EnumResTypeProcCallback for resource type enumeration
envpPointer to the array of environment variables
EOFCheck for end of file
EOLnCheck for end of line
EraseDelete a file from disk
ErrorGenerate run-time error
ErroraddrAddress where the last error occurred.
ErrorcodeLast error code.
ErrorProcCustom error handling procedure.
ErrOutputAlias for StdErr
ExceptProcCurrent exception handling procedure.
ExcludeExlude element from a set if it is present.
ExitExit current subroutine.
ExitCodeExit code for the program, will be communicated to the OS on exit.
ExitProcExit procedure pointer.
ExtensionSeparatorCharacter which separates the filename from the file extension.
FilemodeDefault file mode for untyped files.
FileNameCaseSensitiveOS treatment of filenames is case sensitive.
FilePosGet position in file
FileSizeSize of file
FillByteFill memory region with 8-bit pattern
FillDWordFill memory region with 32-bit pattern
FillCharFill memory region with certain character
FillQWordFill memory range with QWord (64-bit) values
FillWordFill memory region with 16-bit pattern
FindResourceLocate a resource and return a handle to it.
FindResourceExFind a resource based on type, name, language
float_flag_denormalIEC/IEEE floating-point exception flag: ?
float_flag_divbyzeroIEC/IEEE floating-point exception flag: Division by zero error
float_flag_inexactIEC/IEEE floating-point exception flag: ?
float_flag_invalidIEC/IEEE floating-point exception flag: Invalid operation error
float_flag_overflowIEC/IEEE floating-point exception flag: Overflow error
float_flag_underflowIEC/IEEE floating-point exception flag: Underflow error
float_raiseRaise floating point exception
float_round_downRound down
float_round_nearest_evenRound to nearest even number
float_round_to_zeroRound in the direction of zero (down for positive, up for negative)
float_round_upRound up
FlushWrite file buffers to disk
FlushThreadFlush all standard files
fmAppendFile mode: File is open for writing, appending to the end.
fmClosedFile mode: File is closed.
fmInOutFile mode: File is open for reading and writing.
fmInputFile mode: File is open for reading.
fmOutputFile mode: File is open for writing.
fpc_in_abs_longInternal ABS function
fpc_in_abs_realFPC compiler internal procedure index: abs (real)
fpc_in_addr_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: addr
fpc_in_arctan_realFPC compiler internal procedure index: arctan (real)
fpc_in_assert_x_yFPC compiler internal procedure index: assert
fpc_in_assigned_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: assigned
fpc_in_bitsizeof_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: bitsizeof
fpc_in_breakFPC compiler internal procedure index: break
fpc_in_bsf_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: bsf_x
fpc_in_bsr_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: bsr_x
fpc_in_concat_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: concat
fpc_in_const_absFPC compiler internal procedure index: abs
fpc_in_const_oddFPC compiler internal procedure index: sqr
fpc_in_const_ptrFPC compiler internal procedure index: sqr
fpc_in_const_sqrFPC compiler internal procedure index: sqr
fpc_in_const_swap_longFPC compiler internal procedure index: swap (long)
fpc_in_const_swap_qwordFPC compiler internal procedure index: swap (qword)
fpc_in_const_swap_wordFPC compiler internal procedure index: swap (word)
fpc_in_continueFPC compiler internal procedure index: continue
fpc_in_copy_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: copy
fpc_in_cos_realFPC compiler internal procedure index: cos (real)
fpc_in_cycleFPC compiler internal procedure index: cycle
fpc_in_dec_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: dec
fpc_in_dispose_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: dispose
fpc_in_exclude_x_yFPC compiler internal procedure index: exclude
fpc_in_exitFPC compiler internal procedure index: exit
fpc_in_exp_realFPC internal compiler routine: in_exp_real
fpc_in_fillchar_xFPC internal compiler routine: in_fillchar_x
fpc_in_finalize_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: finalize
fpc_in_frac_realFPC internal compiler routine: in_frac_real
fpc_in_get_caller_addrFPC internal compiler routine: in_get_caller_addr
fpc_in_get_caller_frameFPC internal compiler routine: in_get_caller_frame
fpc_in_get_frameFPC internal compiler routine: in_get_frame
fpc_in_hi_longFPC compiler internal procedure index: hi (long)
fpc_in_hi_qwordFPC compiler internal procedure index: hi (qword)
fpc_in_hi_wordFPC compiler internal procedure index: hi (word)
fpc_in_high_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: high
fpc_in_chr_byteFPC compiler internal procedure index: chr
fpc_in_inc_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: inc
fpc_in_include_x_yFPC compiler internal procedure index: include
fpc_in_initialize_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: initialize
fpc_in_int_realFPC internal compiler routine: in_int_real
fpc_in_leaveFPC compiler internal procedure index: leave
fpc_in_length_stringFPC compiler internal procedure index: length
fpc_in_ln_realFPC compiler internal procedure index: ln (real)
fpc_in_lo_longFPC compiler internal procedure index: lo (long)
fpc_in_lo_qwordFPC compiler internal procedure index: lo (qword)
fpc_in_lo_wordFPC compiler internal procedure index: lo (word)
fpc_in_low_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: low
fpc_in_mmx_pcmpeqbFPC compiler internal procedure index: MMX
fpc_in_mmx_pcmpeqdFPC compiler internal procedure index: MMX
fpc_in_mmx_pcmpeqwFPC compiler internal procedure index: MMX
fpc_in_mmx_pcmpgtbFPC compiler internal procedure index: MMX
fpc_in_mmx_pcmpgtdFPC compiler internal procedure index: MMX
fpc_in_mmx_pcmpgtwFPC compiler internal procedure index: MMX
fpc_in_move_xFPC internal compiler routine: in_move_x
fpc_in_new_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: new
fpc_in_ofs_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: ofs
fpc_in_ord_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: ord
fpc_in_pack_x_y_zFPC compiler internal procedure index: pack
fpc_in_pi_realFPC internal compiler routine: in_pi_real
fpc_in_pred_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: pred
fpc_in_prefetch_varFPC compiler internal procedure index: prefetch
fpc_in_read_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: read
fpc_in_readln_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: readln
fpc_in_readstr_xInternal read string procedure
fpc_in_reset_typedfileFPC compiler internal procedure index: reset
fpc_in_reset_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: reset
fpc_in_rewrite_typedfileFPC compiler internal procedure index: rewrite
fpc_in_rewrite_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: rewrite
fpc_in_round_realFPC internal compiler routine: in_round_real
fpc_in_sar_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: sar_x
fpc_in_sar_x_yFPC compiler internal procedure index: sar_x_y
fpc_in_seg_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: seg
fpc_in_setlength_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: setlength
fpc_in_settextbuf_file_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: settextbuf
fpc_in_sin_realFPC compiler internal procedure index: sin (real)
fpc_in_sizeof_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: sizeof
fpc_in_sliceFPC internal compiler routine: in_slice
fpc_in_sqr_realFPC compiler internal procedure index: sqr (real)
fpc_in_sqrt_realFPC compiler internal procedure index: sqrt (real)
fpc_in_str_x_stringFPC compiler internal procedure index: str
fpc_in_succ_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: succ
fpc_in_trunc_realFPC internal compiler routine: in_trunc_real
fpc_in_typeinfo_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: typeinfo
fpc_in_typeof_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: typeof
fpc_in_unpack_x_y_zFPC compiler internal procedure index: unpack
fpc_in_val_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: val
fpc_in_write_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: write
fpc_in_writeln_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: writeln
fpc_in_writestr_xInternal write string procedure
fpc_objc_encode_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: encode
fpc_objc_protocol_xFPC compiler internal procedure index: protocol
FPower10Fast multiply with a power of 10
fracReturn fractional part of floating point value.
FreememRelease allocated memory
FreememoryAlias for FreeMem
FreeResourceFree a loaded resource
get_caller_addrReturn the address of the caller.
get_caller_frameReturn the frame pointer of the caller
get_cmdlineReturn the command-line as a null-terminated string
get_frameReturn the current frame
GetCurrentThreadIdReturn the id of the currently running thread.
getdirReturn the current directory
GetFPCHeapStatusReturn FPC heap manager status information
GetHeapStatusReturn the memory manager heap status.
GetMemAllocate new memory on the heap
GetMemoryAlias for GetMem
GetMemoryManagerReturn current memory manager
GetProcessIDGet the current process ID
GetResourceManagerReturn the currently active resource manager
GetThreadIDGet the current Thread ID.
GetThreadManagerReturn the current thread manager
GetUnicodeStringManagerReturn a copy of the currently active unicodetring manager.
GetVariantManagerReturn the current variant manager.
GetWideStringManagerReturn a copy of the currently active widestring manager.
growheapsize1Grow rate for block less than 256 Kb.
growheapsize2Grow rate for block larger than 256 Kb.
growheapsizesmallFixed size small blocks grow rate
haltStop program execution.
hexStrConvert integer value to string with hexadecimal representation.
HGLOBALWindows compatibility type for use in resources
hiReturn high byte/word/nibble of value.
HighReturn highest index of open array or enumerated
HINSTANCEWindows compatibility type for use in resources
HMODULEWindows compatibility type for use in resources
HRESULT32-Bit signed integer.
chdirChange current working directory.
chrConvert byte value to character value
IDispatchDispatch interface
IEnumerableInterface to retrieve an enumerator from a class.
IEnumeratorEnumerator support interface
IInterfaceBasic interface for all COM based interfaces
IInvokableInterface with RTTI associated with it.
IncIncrease value of integer variable
IncludeInclude element in set if it was not yet present.
IndexByteSearch for a byte in a memory range.
IndexDWordSearch for a DWord value in a memory range.
IndexCharSearch for a character in a memory range.
IndexChar0Return index of a character in null-terminated array of char.
IndexQWordReturn the position of a QWord in a memory range
IndexwordSearch for a WORD value in a memory range.
InitCriticalSectionInitialize a critical section
InitProcInitialization routine
InitThreadInitialize a thread
InitThreadVarsInitialize threadvars
InOutResResult of last I/O operation. Read-Only.
InputStandard input text file.
InsertInsert one string in another.
intCalculate integer part of floating point value.
Int16A signed 16-bits integer
Int32A signed 32-bits integer
Int8A signed 8-bits integer
IntegerA signed 16-bits integer
IntegerArrayGeneric array of integer.
InterlockedCompareExchangeConditional exchange
InterLockedDecrementThread-safe decrement
InterLockedExchangeExchange 2 integers in a thread-safe way
InterLockedExchangeAddThread-safe add and exchange of 2 values
InterLockedIncrementThread-safe increment
IntPtrA signed integer with the same size in bytes as pointer
IObjectInstanceGUID for the IObject interface
IOResultReturn result of last file IO operation
Is_IntResourceCheck whether a resource is an internal resource
IsConsoleTrue for console applications, False for GUI applications.
IsLibraryTrue if the current module is a library. Otherwise module is an excutable
IsMemoryManagerSetIs the memory manager set
IsMultiThreadIndicates whether more than one thread is running in the application.
IUnknownBasic interface for all COM-based interfaces
jmp_bufRecord type to store processor information.
KillThreadKill a running thread
LeaveCriticalsectionLeave a critical section
LengthReturns length of a string or array.
LEtoNConvert Little Endian-ordered integer to Native-ordered integer
LFNSupportConstant describing support for long filenames.
LineEndingConstant describing the current line ending character.
lnCalculate logarithm
loReturn low nibble/byte/word of value.
LoadResourceLoad a resource for use
LockResourceLock a resource
LongintA signed 32-bits integer
longjmpJump to address.
LongwordAn unsigned 32-bits integer
LowReturn lowest index of open array or enumerated
lowerCaseReturn lowercase version of a string.
MAKEINTRESOURCEAlias for the PChar type.
MakeLangIDCreate a langauge ID
Max_Frame_DumpMaximum number of frames to show in error frame dump.
maxExitCodeMaximum exit code supported by the operating system.
maxintMaximum integer value.
MaxKeptOSChunksMaximum number of OS chunks to be kept in memory
maxLongintMaximum longint value.
MaxPathLenConstant defining the maximum length of filenames (including path)
MaxSIntValueMaximum String-size value.
maxSmallintMaximum smallint value.
MaxUIntValueMaximum unsigned integer value.
memDirect memory access (DOS only) in bytes
memlDirect memory access (DOS only) in longints
MemSizeReturn the size of a memory block.
memwDirect memory access (DOS only) in words
mkdirCreate a new directory.
ModuleIsCppprogram compiled by CPP ?
ModuleIsLibDetermines whether the current module is a library
ModuleIsPackageDetermines whether the current module is a package
MoveMove data from one location in memory to another
MoveChar0Move data till first zero character
NativeIntAlias for PtrInt
NativeUintAlias for PtrUint
NewDynamically allocate memory for variable
NtoBEConvert Native-ordered integer to a Big Endian-ordered integer
NtoLEConvert Native-ordered integer to a Little Endian-ordered integer
NullNull variant
OctStrConvert integer to a string with octal representation.
oddIs a value odd or even ?
OfsReturn offset of a variable.
operator -(variant): variantImplement - (unary minus, negation) operation on variants.
operator -(variant, variant): variantImplement subtraction (-) operation on variants.
operator *(variant, variant): variantImplement multiplication (*) operation on variants.
operator **(variant, variant): variantImplement power (**) operation on variants.
operator /(variant, variant): variantImplement division (/) operation on variants.
operator +(variant, variant): variantImplement addition (+) operation on variants.
operator <(variant, variant): BooleanImplement < (less than) operation on variants.
operator <=(variant, variant): BooleanImplement <= (less than than or equal) operation on variants.
operator =(variant, variant): BooleanImplement = (equality) operation on variants.
operator >(variant, variant): BooleanImplement > (greater than) operation on variants.
operator >=(variant, variant): BooleanImplement >= (greater than or equal) operation on variants.
operator and(variant, variant): variantImplement logical/binary and operation on variants
operator div(variant, variant): variantImplement div (integer division) operation on variants.
operator mod(variant, variant): variantImplement mod (modulo) operation on variants.
operator not(variant): variantImplement logical/binary not operation on variants
operator or(variant, variant): variantImplement logical/binary or operation on variants
operator shl(variant, variant): variantImplement binary shl operation on variants.
operator shr(variant, variant): variantImplement binary shr operation on variants.
operator xor(variant, variant): variantImplement logical/binary xor operation on variants
OrdReturn ordinal value of an ordinal type.
OutputStandard output text file.
PackCreate packed array from normal array
PAnsiCharAlias for PChar type.
PAnsiStringPointer to an ansistring type.
ParamcountReturn number of command-line parameters passed to the program.
ParamStrReturn value of a command-line argument.
PathSeparatorCharacter used to separate paths in a search list
PBooleanPointer to a Boolean type.
PBytePointer to byte type
pcalldescPointer to TCallDesc record.
PCardinalPointer to Cardinal type
PClassPointer to TClass
PCompPointer to Complex type
PCurrencyPointer to currency type.
PDatePointer to a TDateTime type.
PDateTimePointer to TDatetime
PDispatchPointer to IDispatch interface type
pdispdescPointer to tdispdesc record
PDoublePointer to double-sized float value.
PDWordPointer to DWord type
pdynarrayindexPointer to tdynarrayindex type.
pdynarraytypeinfoPointer to TDynArrayTypeInfo type.
PErrorPointer to an Error type.
PEventStatePointer to EventState, which is an opaque type.
PExceptObjectPointer to Exception handler procedural type TExceptProc
PExtendedPointer to extended-sized float value.
PGuidPointer to TGUID type.
PCharPointer to null-terminated string.
piReturn the value of PI.
pInt16Pointer to Int16 type
pInt32Pointer to Int32 type
PInt64Pointer to Int64 type
pInt8Pointer to Int8 type
PIntegerPointer to integer type
PIntegerArrayPointer to IntegerArray type
PInterfacePointer to IInterface interface
pinterfaceentryPointer to tinterfaceentry record.
pinterfacetablePointer to tinterfacetable record.
PIntPtrPointer to IntPtr type
PJmp_bufPointer to jmp_buf record
PLongBoolPointer to a LongBool type.
PLongintPointer to Longint type
PLongWordPointer to LongWord type
PMemoryManagerPointer to TMemoryManager record
PMsgStrTablePointer to array of TMsgStrTable records.
PNativeIntPointer to NativeInt type
PNativeUIntPointer to NativeInt type
PointerArrayGeneric pointer array.
POleVariantPointer to OleVariant type.
PosSearch for substring in a string.
PowerRaise float to integer power
PPAnsiCharAlias for PPChar type.
PPBytePointer to PByte type.
PPDispatchPointer to PDispatch pointer type
PPDoublePointer to PDouble type.
PPCharPointer to an array of pointers to null-terminated strings.
PPCharArrayPointer to TPCharArray type.
PPLongintPointer to PLongint type.
PPointerPointer to a pointer type.
PPointerArrayPointer to PointerArray type
PPPCharPointer to PPChar.
PPPointerPointer to a PPointer type.
PPPWideCharPointer to PPWideChar type.
PPtrIntPointer to PtrInt type.
PPtrUIntPointer to unsigned integer of pointer size
PPUnknownPointer to untyped pointer
PPWideCharPointer to link id="PWideChar"> type.
PQWordPointer to QWord type
PredReturn previous element for an ordinal type.
prefetchPrefetch a memory location
PRTLCriticalSectionPointer to #rtl.system.TRTLCriticalSection type.
PRTLEventPointer to RTLEvent, which is an opaque type.
PShortIntPointer to shortint type
PShortStringPointer to a shortstring type.
PSinglePointer to single-sized float value.
PSizeIntPointer to a SizeInt type
PSmallIntPointer to smallint type
pstringmessagetablePointer to TStringMessageTable record.
PTextPointer to text file.
ptrCombine segment and offset to pointer
PtrIntSigned integer type with same size as Pointer.
PtrUIntUnsigned integer type with same size as Pointer.
PUCS2CharPointer to UCS2Char character.
PUCS4CharPointer to UCS4Char
PUCS4CharArrayPointer to array of UCS4Char characters.
pUInt16Pointer to UInt16 type
pUInt32Pointer to UInt32 type
pUInt8Pointer to UInt8 type
PUintPtrPointer to UIntPtr type
PUnicodeCharPointer to unicode character
PUnicodeStringPointer to unicodestring
PUnknownUntyped pointer
PUTF8StringPointer to UTF8String
pvararrayPointer to TVarArray type.
pvararrayboundPointer to tvararraybound type.
pvararrayboundarrayPointer to tvararrayboundarray type.
pvararraycoorarrayPointer to tvararraycoorarray type.
pvardataPointer to TVarData record.
PVariantPointer to Variant type.
pvariantmanagerPointer to TVariantManager record.
PVarRecPointer to TVarRec type.
PVmtPointer to TVMT record
PWideCharPointer to WChar.
PWideStringPointer to widestring type
PWordPointer to word type
PWordBoolPointer to a WordBool type.
RaiseListList of currently raised exceptions.
RaiseMaxFrameCountMaximum number of frames to include in TExceptObject
RaiseProcProcedure to raise an exception.
RandomGenerate random number
RandomizeInitialize random number generator
RandSeedSeed for Random function.
ReadRead from a text file into variable
ReadBarrierMemory Read Barrier
ReadDependencyBarrierMemory Read Dependency Barrier
ReadLnRead from a text file into variable and goto next line
ReadStrRead variables from a string
ReadWriteBarrierMemory read/write barrier
RealAlias for real type
Real2DoubleConvert Turbo Pascal style real to double.
real48TP compatible real type (6 bytes) definition
ReAllocMemRe-allocate memory on the heap
ReAllocMemoryAlias for ReAllocMem
ReleaseExceptionObjectDecrease the reference count of the current exception object.
RenameRename file on disk
ResetOpen file for reading
ResumeThreadResume a suspended thread.
ReturnNilIfGrowHeapFailsDescribe behaviour if getmem fails.
RewriteOpen file for writing
rmdirRemove directory when empty.
RolByteRotate bits of a byte value to the left
RolDWordRotate bits of a DWord (cardinal) value to the left
RolQWordRotate bits of a QWord (64-bit) value to the left
RolWordRotate bits of a word value to the left
RorByteRotate bits of a byte value to the right
RorDWordRotate bits of a DWord (cardinal) value to the right
RorQWordRotate bits of a QWord (64-bit) value to the right
RorWordRotate bits of a word value to the right
roundRound floating point value to nearest integer number.
RT_ACCELERATORConstant identifying an accelerator resouce
RT_ANICURSORResource type: Animated cursor
RT_ANIICONResource type: Animated icon
RT_BITMAPConstant identifying a bitmap resource
RT_CURSORConstant identifying a cursor resource
RT_DIALOGConstant identifying a dialog resource
RT_FONTConstant identifying a font resource
RT_FONTDIRConstant identifying a font directory resource
RT_GROUP_CURSORConstant identifying a group cursor resource
RT_GROUP_ICONConstant identifying a group icon resource
RT_HTMLResource type: HTML data
RT_ICONConstant identifying an icon resource
RT_MANIFESTResource type: manifest
RT_MENUConstant identifying a menu resource
RT_MESSAGETABLEConstant identifying a message data resource
RT_RCDATAConstant identifying a binary data resource
RT_STRINGConstant identifying a string table resource
RT_VERSIONConstant identifying a version info resource
RTLEventCreateCreate a new RTL event
RTLeventdestroyDestroy a RTL Event
RTLeventResetEventReset an event
RTLeventSetEventNotify threads of the event.
RTLeventsyncObsolete. Don't use
RTLeventWaitForWait for an event.
RunErrorGenerate a run-time error.
RuntimeErrorExitCodesMapping between runtime-error constants and program exit codes
S_FALSEInterface call result: Not OK
S_OKInterface call result: OK
SafeCallErrorProcError handler for safecall errors
SarInt6464-bit Shift Arithmetic Right
SarLongint32-bit Shift Arithmetic Right
SarShortint8-bit Shift Arithmetic Right
SarSmallint16-bit Shift Arithmetic Right
SeekSet file position
SeekEOFSet file position to end of file
SeekEOLnSet file position to end of line
SegReturn segment
SetjmpSave current execution point.
SetLengthSet length of a string.
SetMemoryManagerSet a memory manager
SetResourceManagerSet the resource manager
SetStringSet length of a string and copy buffer.
SetTextBufSet size of text file internal buffer
SetTextLineEndingSet the end-of-line character for the given text file.
SetThreadManagerSet the thread manager, optionally return the current thread manager.
SetUnicodeStringManagerSet the unicodestring manager
SetVariantManagerSet the current variant manager.
SetWideStringManagerSet the widestring manager
ShortCompareTextCompare 2 shortstrings
ShortintA signed 8-bits integer
sinCalculate sine of angle
SizeIntSigned integer type which fits for sizes
SizeOfReturn size of a variable or type.
SizeofResourceReturn the size of a particular resource
SizeUIntUnsigned Integer type which fits for sizes
SliceReturn part of an array
sLineBreakAlias for LineEnding
SmallintA signed 16-bits integer
softfloat_exception_flagsCurrent soft float exception flags
softfloat_exception_maskCurrent soft float exception mask
softfloat_rounding_modeRounding mode for softfloat
SpaceReturn a string of spaces
SptrReturn current stack pointer
sqrCalculate the square of a value.
sqrtCalculate the square root of a value
SsegReturn stack segment register value.
StackBottomCurrent stack bottom.
StackErrorIndicate whether there was a stack error.
StackLengthMaximum stack length.
StackTopTop location of the stack.
StdErrStandard diagnostic output text file.
StdErrorHandleValue of the OS handle for the standard error-output file.
StdInputHandleValue of the OS handle for the standard input file.
StdOutAlias for Output.
StdOutputHandleValue of the OS handle for the standard output file.
StrConvert a numerical value to a string.
StringOfCharReturn a string consisting of 1 character repeated N times.
StringToPPCharSplit string in list of null-terminated strings
StringToUnicodeCharConvert an ansistring to a null-terminated array of unicode characters.
StringToWideCharConvert a string to an array of widechars.
strlenLength of a null-terminated string.
strpasConvert a null-terminated string to a shortstring.
SuccReturn next element of ordinal type.
SuspendThreadSuspend a running thread.
SwapSwap high and low bytes/words of a variable
SwapEndianSwap endianness of the argument
SysAllocMemSystem memory manager: Allocate memory
SysAssertStandard Assert failure implementation
SysBackTraceStrFormat an address suitable for inclusion in a backtrace
SysFreememSystem memory manager free routine.
SysFreememSizeSystem memory manager free routine.
SysGetFPCHeapStatusReturn the status of the FPC heapmanager
SysGetHeapStatusSystem implementation of GetHeapStatus
SysGetmemSystem memory manager memory allocator.
SysInitExceptionsInitialize exceptions.
SysInitFPUInitialize the FPU
SysInitStdIOInitialize standard input and output.
SysMemSizeSystem memory manager: free size.
SysReAllocMemSystem memory manager: Reallocate memory
SysResetFPUReset the floating point unit.
SysSetCtrlBreakHandlerSystem CTRL-C handler
SysTryResizeMemSystem memory manager: attempt to resize memory.
TAbstractErrorProcAbstract error handler procedural type.
TAggregatedObjectAggregated object
TAllocateThreadVarsHandlerThreadvar allocation callback type for TThreadManager.
TAnsiCharAlias for 1-byte sized char.
TAssertErrorProcAssert error handler procedural type.
TBackTraceStrFuncType for formatting of backtrace dump.
TBasicEventCreateHandlercallback type for creating eventstate in TThreadManager.
TBasicEventHandlerGeneric callback type for handling eventstate in TThreadManager.
TBasicEventWaitForHandlerWait for basic event callback type for TThreadManager.
TBeginThreadHandlerCallback for thread start in TThreadManager.
TBoundArrayDynamic array of integer.
tcalldescCOM/OLE dispatch call argument description.
TClassClass of TObject.
TContainedObjectBase class for contained objects
TCriticalSectionHandlerGeneric callback type for critical section handling in TThreadManager.
TCriticalSectionHandlerTryEnterFunction prototype for TryEnterCriticalsection
TCtrlBreakHandlerCTRL-C Handler prototype
TDateAlias for TDateTime type.
TDateTimeEncoded Date-Time type.
tdispdescCOM/OLE dispatch call description.
tdynarrayindexType with the correct size for index into a dynamic array.
tdynarraytypeinfoType information for a dynamic array.
TEndThreadHandlerCallback for thread end in TThreadManager.
TEntryInformationExecutable entry point information structure
TErrorError type, used in variants.
TErrorProcStandard error handler procedural type.
TExceptObjectException object
TExceptProcException handler procedural type
TextFileAlias for Text file type.
TFPCHeapStatusRecord describing the state of the default FPC heap manager.
TFPResourceHandleHandle to resource
TFPResourceHMODULEHandle to module containing resource
TGetCurrentThreadIdHandlerCallback type for retrieving thread ID in TThreadManager.
TGuidStandard GUID representation type.
THandleType alias.
THeapStatusRecord describing current heap status.
ThreadGetPriorityReturn the priority of a thread.
ThreadIDCurrent Thread ID.
ThreadingAlreadyUsedInternal constant for the threading system. Don't use.
ThreadSetPrioritySet the priority of a thread.
ThreadSwitchSignal possibility of thread switch
TInitThreadVarHandlerThreadvar initialization callback type for TThreadManager.
TInterfacedClassTObject descendent implementing the IInterface interface
TInterfacedObjectTObject descendent implementing the IUnknown interface
tinterfaceentryInterfaces table entry.
tinterfaceentrytypeDispatch interface entry type
tinterfacetableRecord to store list of interfaces of a class.
TMemoryManagerRecord describing the current memory manager
TMethodRecord describing a method.
TMsgStrTableRecord used in string message handler table.
TObjectBase class of all classes.
TPCharArrayArray of PChar
TProcedureSimple procedural type.
TReleaseThreadVarsHandlerThreadvar release callback type for TThreadManager.
TRelocateThreadVarHandlerThreadvar relocalization callback type for TThreadManager.
TResourceHandleHandle to a resource, for use in the resource loading routines
TResourceManagerResource manager definition
TRTLCreateEventHandlerCallback type for creating a TRTLEvent type in TThreadManager.
TRTLCriticalSectionA critical section.
TRTLEventHandlerGeneric TRTLEvent handling type for TThreadManager.
TRTLEventHandlerTimeoutTRTLEvent timeout handling type for TThreadManager.
TRTLEventSyncHandlerCallback type for event sycnhronization in TThreadManager.
trtlmethodCallback type for synchronization event.
truncTruncate a floating point value.
TruncateTruncate the file at position
TRuntimeErrorType of runtime-error for the Error procedure
TryEnterCriticalsectionTry entering a critical section
TSafeCallErrorProcPrototype for the safecall error handler
TSemaphoreDestroyHandlerFunction prototype for destroying a semaphore
TSemaphorePostHandlerFunction prototype for posting an event to a semaphore
TSemaphoreWaitHandlerFunction prototype to wait on a semaphore
TSempahoreInitHandlerFunction prototype for initializing a semaphore
TStringMessageTableString message table container for class.
TTextLineBreakStyleText line break style. (end of line character)
TThreadFuncThread function prototype
TThreadGetPriorityHandlerCallback type for thread priority getting in TThreadManager.
TThreadHandlerGeneric thread handler callback for TThreadManager.
TThreadIDType for Thread-IDs
TThreadManagerThread manager record.
TThreadSetPriorityHandlerCallback type for thread priority setting in TThreadManager.
TThreadSwitchHandlerCallback type for thread switch in TThreadManager.
TTimeAlias for TDateTime type.
TUCS4CharArrayArray of UCS4Char characters.
TUnicodeStringManagerUnicode string manager
tvararrayType describing variant array
tvararrayboundType describing variant array bounds.
tvararrayboundarrayarray of tvararraybound records.
tvararraycoorarrayArray of variant array coordinates
tvardataVariant record.
tvariantmanagerRecord describing the variant manager.
tvaropVariant operation.
TVarRecRecord describing an element in an array of const
tvartypeType with size of variant type.
TVmtVirtual method table layout
TWaitForThreadTerminateHandlerCallback type for thread termination in TThreadManager.
TWideStringManagerRecord containing the various callbacks of the widestring manager.
UCS2CharUCS2 unicode character.
UCS4CharUCS unicode character (unsigned 32 bit word)
UCS4StringString of UCS4Char characters.
UCS4StringToUnicodeStringConvert a UCS-4 encoded string to a unicode string
UInt16An unsigned 16-bits integer
UInt32An unsigned 32-bits integer
UInt64Unsigned 64-bit integer
UInt8An unsigned 8-bits integer
UIntPtrAn unsigned integer with the same size in bytes as pointer
UnassignedUnassigned variant.
UnicodeCharUnicode string character
UnicodeCharLenToStringConvert a memory buffer with unicode characters to an ansistring
UnicodeCharLenToStrVarConvert a memory buffer with unicode characters to an ansistring
UnicodeCharToStringConvert unicode character to string
UnicodeCharToStrVarConvert a null-terminated memory buffer with unicode characters to an ansistring
UnicodeStringToUCS4StringConvert a unicode string to a UCS-4 string.
UniqueStringMake sure reference count of string is 1
UnixGetModuleByAddrHook(Unix only) callback for GetModuleByAddr
UnlockResourceUnlock a previously locked resource
UnPackCreate unpacked array from packed array
UnusedHandleValue indicating an unused file handle (as reported by the OS).
upCaseConvert a string to all uppercase.
UTF8DecodeConvert an UTF-8 encoded ansistring to a unicodestring
UTF8EncodeConvert a widestring or unicodestring to an UTF-8 encoded ansistring
UTF8StringUTF-8 unicode (ansi) string.
Utf8ToAnsiConvert a UTF-8 encoded unicode string to an ansistring
Utf8ToUnicodeConvert a buffer with UTF-8 characters to widestring characters
ValCalculate numerical/enumerated value of a string.
ValRealLargest available floating point type
ValSIntVal-Signed integer.
ValUIntVal-unsigned integer
VarAddRefProcCallback to increase reference count of a variant.
varanyVariant type: Any
vararrayVariant type: variant Array
VarArrayPutPut a value in a single cell of a variant array
VarArrayRedimRedimension a variant array
varbooleanVariant type: Boolean type
varbyrefVariant type: By reference
varbyteVariant type: Byte (8 bit)
VarCastCast a variant to a certain type
VarClearProcCallback to clear a variant.
VarCopyProcCallback to copy a variant
varcurrencyVariant type: Currency
vardateVariant type: Date
vardecimalVariant type: Decimal (BCD)
vardispatchVariant type: dispatch interface
vardoubleVariant type: Double float
varemptyVariant type: Empty variant
varerrorVariant type: Error type
varint64Variant type: Integer (64-Bit)
varintegerVariant type: Integer (32-bit)
varlongwordVariant type: Word (32 bit)
varnullVariant type: Null variant
varolestrVariant type: OLE string (widestring)
varqwordVariant type: Word (64-bit)
varrecordRecord variant type
varshortintVariant type: Shortint (16 bit)
varsingleVariant type: Single float
varsmallintVariant type: smallint (8 bit)
varstrargVariant type: String
varstringVariant type: String
VarToLStrProcCallback to convert a variant to a ansistring.
VarToWStrProcCallback to convert a variant to a widestring.
vartypemaskVariant type: Mask to extract type
varuint64Unsigned 64-bit value in a variant
varunknownVariant type: Unknown
varustrargUnicode string argument value
varustringUnicode string value in Variant
varvariantVariant type: Variant (arrays only)
varwordVariant type: Word (16 bit)
varword64Variant type: Word (64-bit)
vmtAfterConstructionVMT Layout: ?
vmtAutoTableVMT layout: ?
vmtBeforeDestructionVMT Layout: ?
vmtClassNameVMT Layout: location of class name.
vmtDefaultHandlerVMT Layout: ?
vmtDefaultHandlerStrVMT Layout: ?
vmtDestroyVMT Layout: Location of destructor pointer.
vmtDispatchOffset to dispatch table
vmtDispatchStrOffset to string dispatch table
vmtDynamicTableVMT Layout: location of dynamic methods table.
vmtEqualsOffset to the Equals method pointer
vmtFieldTableVMT Layout: Location of fields table.
vmtFreeInstanceVMT Layout: location of FreeInstance method.
vmtGetHashCodeOffset to the GetHashCode method pointer
vmtInitTableVMT Layout: ?
vmtInstanceSizeVMT Layout: Location of class instance size in VMT
vmtIntfTableVMT layout: Interface table
vmtMethodStartVMT layout: start of method table.
vmtMethodTableVMT Layout: Method table start.
vmtMsgStrPtrVMT layout: message strings table.
vmtNewInstanceVMT Layout: location of NewInstance method.
vmtParentVMT Layout: location of pointer to parent VMT.
vmtSafeCallExceptionVMT Layout: ?
vmtToStringOffset to the ToString method pointer
vmtTypeInfoVMT Layout: Location of class type information.
vtAnsiStringTVarRec type: Ansistring
vtBooleanTVarRec type: Boolean
vtClassTVarRec type: Class type
vtCurrencyTVarRec type: Currency
vtExtendedTVarRec type: Extended
vtCharTVarRec type: Char
vtInt64TVarRec type: Int64 (signed 64-bit integer)
vtIntegerTVarRec type: Integer
vtInterfaceTVarRec type: Interface
vtObjectTVarRec type: Object instance
vtPCharTVarRec type: PChar
vtPointerTVarRec type: pointer
vtPWideCharTVarRec type: PWideChar
vtQWordTVarRec type: QWord (unsigned 64-bit integer)
vtStringTVarRec type: String
vtUnicodeStringUnicode string argument
vtVariantTVarRec type: Variant
vtWideCharTVarRec type: Widechar
vtWideStringTVarRec type: WideString
WaitForThreadTerminateWait for a thread to terminate.
WCharWide char (16-bit sized char)
WideCharThe base two byte character type
WideCharLenToStringConvert a length-limited array of widechar to an ansistring
WideCharLenToStrVarConvert a length-limited array of widechar to an ansistring
WideCharToStringConvert a null-terminated array of widechar to an ansistring
WideCharToStrVarConvert a null-terminated array of widechar to an ansistring
widestringmanagerCurrent widestring manager.
WideStringToUCS4StringConvert a widestring to a UCS-4 encoded string.
WordAn unsigned 16-bits integer
WriteWrite variable to a text file
WriteBarrierMemory write barrier
WriteLnWrite variable to a text file and append newline
WriteStrWrite variables to a string

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