absabsolute value function
acceptaccept an incoming socket connect
alarmschedule a SIGALRM
atan2arctangent of Y/X in the range -PI to PI
bindbinds an address to a socket
binmodeprepare binary files for I/O
blesscreate an object
callerget context of the current subroutine call
closeclose file (or pipe or socket) handle
closedirclose directory handle
connectconnect to a remote socket
continueoptional trailing block in a while or foreach
coscosine function
cryptone-way passwd-style encryption
dbmclosebreaks binding on a tied dbm file
dbmopencreate binding on a tied dbm file
definedtest whether a value, variable, or function is defined or not
s a value from a hash
dieraise an exception or bail out
doturn a BLOCK into a TERM
dumpcreate an immediate core dump
eachretrieve the next key/value pair from a hash
endgrentbe done using group file
endhostentbe done using hosts file
endnetentbe done using networks file
endprotoentbe done using protocols file
endpwentbe done using passwd file
endserventbe done using services file
eoftest a filehandle for its end
evalcatch exceptions or compile and run code
execabandon this program to run another
existstest whether a hash key is present
exitterminate this program
expraise I to a power
fcntlfile control system call
filenoreturn file descriptor from filehandle
flocklock an entire file with an advisory lock
forkcreate a new process just like this one
formatdeclare a picture format with use by the write() function
formlineinternal function used for formats
getgrentget next group record
getgrgidget group record given group user ID
getgrnamget group record given group name
gethostbyaddrget host record given its address
gethostbynameget host record given name
gethostentget next hosts record
getloginreturn who logged in at this next character from the filehandle
getnetbyaddrget network record given its address
getnetbynameget networks record given name
getnetentget next networks record
getpeernamefind the other end of a socket connection
getpgrpget process group
getppidget parent process ID
getpriorityget current nice value
getprotobynameget protocol record given name
getprotobynumberget protocol record numeric protocol
getprotoentget next protocols record
getpwentget next passwd record
getpwnamget passwd record given user login name
getpwuidget passwd record given user ID
getservbynameget services record given its name
getservbyportget services record given numeric port
getserventget next services record
getsocknameretrieve the sockaddr for a given socket
getsockoptget socket options on a given socket
globexpand filenames using wildcards
gmtimeconvert UNIX time into record or string using Greenwich time format.
gotocreate spaghetti code
greplocate elements in a list test true against a given criterion
hexconvert a string to a hexadecimal number
chdirchange your current working directory
chmodchanges the permissions on a list of files
chompremove a trailing record separator from a string
chopremove the last character from a string
chownchange the owership on a list of files
chrget character this number represents
chrootmake directory new root for path lookups
importpatch a module's namespace into your own
indexfind a substring within a string
intget the integer portion of a number
ioctlsystem-dependent device control system call
joinjoin a list into a string using a separator
keysretrieve list of indices from a hash
killsend a signal to a process or process group
lastexit a block prematurely
lcreturn lower-case version of a string
lcfirstreturn a string with just the next letter in lower case
lengthreturn the number of bytes in a string
linkcreate a hard link in the filesytem
listenregister your socket as a server
localcreate a temporary value for a global variable (dynamic scoping)
localtimeconvert UNIX time into record or string using local time
lockget a thread lock on a variable, subroutine, or method
logretrieve the natural logarithm for a number
lstatstat a symbolic link
mmatch a string with a regular expression pattern
mapapply a change to a list to get back a new list with the changes
mkdircreate a directory
msgctlSysV IPC message control operations
msggetget SysV IPC message queue
msgrcvreceive a SysV IPC message from a message queue
msgsndsend a SysV IPC message to a message queue
mydeclare and assign a local variable (lexical scoping)
nextiterate a block prematurely
nounimport some module symbols or semantics at compile time
octconvert a string to an octal number
openopen a file, pipe, or descriptor
opendiropen a directory
ordfind a character's numeric representation
ourdeclare and assign a package variable (lexical scoping)
packconvert a list into a binary representation
packagedeclare a separate global namespace
pipeopen a pair of connected filehandles
popremove the last element from an array and return it
posfind or set the offset for the last/next m//g search
printoutput a list to a filehandle
printfoutput a formatted list to a filehandle
prototypeget the prototype (if any) of a subroutine
pushappend one or more elements to an array
qsingly quote a string
qqdoubly quote a string
qrCompile pattern
quotemetaquote regular expression magic characters
qwquote a list of words
qxbackquote quote a string
randretrieve the next pseudorandom number
readfixed-length buffered input from a filehandle
readdirget a directory from a directory handle
readlinefetch a record from a file
readlinkdetermine where a symbolic link is pointing
readpipeexecute a system command and collect standard output
recvreceive a message over a Socket
redostart this loop iteration over again
reffind out the type of thing being referenced
renamechange a filename
requireload in external functions from a library at runtime
resetclear all variables of a given name
returnget out of a function early
reverseflip a string or a list
rewinddirreset directory handle
rindexright-to-left substring search
rmdirremove a directory
sreplace a pattern with a string
scalarforce a scalar context
seekreposition file pointer for random-access I/O
seekdirreposition directory pointer
reset default output or do I/O multiplexing
semctlSysV semaphore control operations
semgetget set of SysV semaphores
semopSysV semaphore operations
sendsend a message over a socket
setgrentprepare group file for use
sethostentprepare hosts file for use
setnetentprepare networks file for use
setpgrpset the process group of a process
setpriorityset a process's nice value
setprotoentprepare protocols file for use
setpwentprepare passwd file for use
setserventprepare services file for use
setsockoptset some socket options
shiftremove the first element of an array, and return it
shmctlSysV shared memory operations
shmgetget SysV shared memory segment identifier
shmreadread SysV shared memory
shmwritewrite SysV shared memory
shutdownclose down just half of a socket connection
sinreturn the sine of a number
sleepblock for some number of seconds
socketcreate a socket
socketpaircreate a pair of sockets
sortsort a list of values
spliceadd or remove elements anywhere in an array
splitsplit up a string using a regexp delimiter
sprintfformatted print into a string
sqrtsquare root function
srandseed the random number generator
statget a file's status information
studyoptimize input data for repeated searches
subdeclare a subroutine, possibly anonymously
substrget or alter a portion of a stirng
symlinkcreate a symbolic link to a file
syscallexecute an arbitrary system call
sysopenopen a file, pipe, or descriptor
sysreadfixed-length unbuffered input from a filehandle
sysseekposition I/O pointer on handle used with sysread and syswrite
systemrun a separate program
syswritefixed-length unbuffered output to a filehandle
tellget current seekpointer on a filehandle
telldirget current seekpointer on a directory handle
tiebind a variable to an object class
tiedget a reference to the object underlying a tied variable
timereturn number of seconds since 1970
timesreturn elapsed time for self and child processes
trtransliterate a string
truncateshorten a file
ucreturn upper-case version of a string
ucfirstreturn a string with just the next letter in upper case
umaskset file creation mode mask
undefremove a variable or function definition
unlinkremove one link to a file
unpackconvert binary structure into normal perl variables
unshiftprepend more elements to the beginning of a list
untiebreak a tie binding to a variable
useload in a module at compile time
utimeset a file's last access and modify times
valuesreturn a list of the values in a hash
vectest or set particular bits in a string
waitwait for any child process to die
waitpidwait for a particular child process to die
wantarrayget void vs scalar vs list context of current subroutine call
warnprint debugging info
writeprint a picture record

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