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Wi-fi scanner and dosimeter Only this android-program works as dosimter of WI-FI (microwave) radiation. Our program is unique program! We (the graduates of the University of Radioelectronics, engineers with extensive experience) made this program when the children were born in our families (to save our children). When we conducted measurements with the help of this program, we have abandoned the use of WI-FI networks in our homes and carried out a radical change in the principles of work with the WI-FI network in our offices. The next screenshot of our program shows to You the excess of level of microwave radiation in ​​ more than 16 times   (close to a laptop). So WI-FI radiation is real dangerous for Your health!
The interface of this program is symbolic (international).

Technical requirements for the android-device:
1) the minimal version of Android: 2.3 (GINGERBREAD; min SDK version: 9);
2) the availability of WI-FI.

«WI-FI scanner-dosimeter" - is a versatile program that will help you: 1) to keep your health; 2) to detect hacking of your android-device; 3) quickly and easily get free access to the Internet through free WI-FI networks; 4) quickly and easily analyze the security and optimality of WI-FI networks.

The following screenshot shows the main working window of program.

Wi-fi scanner and dosimeter

The main program window displays:
1) the status bar at the top of the screen; the status bar displays the total flow of power from all detected WI-FI emitters and compares the flow of power with admitted value; if total flow of power is more than admitted value then the status bar changes its color to red;
2) the table of basic features of WI-FI emitters (green table);
3) the control panel at the bottom of the screen ('Stop' scanning button; '+' and '-' buttons to increase and decrease the font size; 'M' button to show menu).

Last version of this program: 2.

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