ELTASK.COM Sorry. This our android-program has only russian user interface now. We need sponsors and investors to support other languages. We also can make similar program for any country.
This program is the thin web-client to the our zakon.eltask.com web site. This program (this site) has simple and effective search system to find information in the knowledge bases with all basics russian laws. Users can also read and study all these laws step by step (article by article).
The main purpose of this service is quick simple search of the information in the field of russian laws. 5 search algorithms of our service will help you with this. We plan to develop this service. We will add new sections, new search algorithms and new articles.

Technical requirements for the android-device:
1) the minimal version of Android: 2.3 (GINGERBREAD; min SDK version: 9).

Screnshots of the program.

Last version of this program: 2.

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