ELTASK.COM flashlight You can use this program as flashlight. Reliable flashlight from the reliable IT-company. This program has very simple user interface (only 3 buttons and simple menu). We don't draw the flashlight on the screen (as for kids). We show you only buttons and good backgrounds.
This program uses LED of the phone as source of bright light. This program uses screen of the phone as source of soft white light.
This program can generate SOS signal (using bright light of the LED) to safe Your life in the extremal situations.
You can switch off screen of the phone when You use LED as flashlight (to lock sensors of the screen and to save the energy of the battery of the Your device).

Technical requirements for the android-device:
1) the minimal version of Android: 2.3 (GINGERBREAD; min SDK version: 9);
2) the availability of the LED.

We ask you do not look at the glowing LED to safe your eyes. Remember please, that we give you this program under the "as is" conditions (without any warranties, because this program is free).

Screnshots of the program.

Last version of this android-program: 7

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